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LEOLUX LIGHTING SOLUTIONS is a specialized lighting enterprise combining expertise in LED lighting solutions. LEOLUX LIGHTING (formerly known as “LOKPRIYA ELECTRICALS”) has been designing & manufacturing high end Lighting products for more than 25 years.

Since 1992, we have made our presence felt in the lighting business with our quality/services in residential, commercial, industrial and outdoor lights under the brand name “LEOLUX”. The company has added its LED lighting business as a strategic move to meet India's rising demand in environmental friendly green lighting products.

Our product quality, functionality as well as cost competitiveness are one amongst the best and considered to be meeting the industry standards .The company is leveraging its LED advantages to escalate the transformation of traditional lighting to energy saving LED application. For the reason, LEOLUX has gained commitment from strategic alliances, including several committed partnerships within India and abroad.

We offer a range of high end indoor, outdoor range suitable for general lighting, cove lighting, ceiling lighting, spot lighting, display lighting, accent lighting, etc. Besides this we also offer solutions from concept, designing to executional assistance, with uncompromising commitment to details. We adhere to define norms of quality products, construction and assembly. The organization works closely with architects, interior designers, lighting consultants and structural engineers to achieve a concept that compliments the design and ensure an easy and bedazzling installation.



LEOLUX offers unlimited choice and range in creating high quality, cutting edge and attractive lighting schemes for your ambitious projects. LEOLUX has a wide range of smart, attractive and energy efficient lighting solutions that can transform any space into a dream place. With a broad range of styles, trims and specifications to choose from, we are sure that you will and the perfect solution to light your project.







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We believe that when you hold a LEOLUX product in your hand, you immediately notice the care, precision and the pride we take in our engineering that are truly the finest in the industry. At LEOLUX our goal is simple, to market the best quality lights across India and to do it in a manner that shows respect for our environment and the lives of those who have contributed to LEOLUX'S success.